With TikTok growing in popularity, more and more people are wondering how to make money from their favorite app. However, we will be telling you ways of how to earn money BECAUSE of your TikTok. This is drastically different from directly earning money from TikTok.

  1. Paid Promotions

This is the most common way of how people earn money from their TikTok. The more popular you are, the more brands and companies will want you to publish their products. In most cases, a representative of the brand or company will contact you and offer a price for a promotion. The price range will depend on the amounts of fans and likes that you have on your account.

  1. Instagram Shoutouts

This is similar to the paid promotions, however on a different platform. When you have a large fan base on TikTok, there is a large possibility that you will have a large amount of followers on platforms such as Instagram. Therefore, brands, companies, and even other Instagram accounts will want to be promoted. Similar to TikTok, the more followers you have on Instagram the higher the price for a said promotion.

  1. Gifts

When you are on good terms with a brand, there is a high chance that they will send you some of their products as a sign of gratitude. Another option would be them sending you their products in order for you to promote them. Either way, you get to get free stuff!

  1. Invitations

Once your popularity has reached a certain point, clubs, restaurants, and other public places will begin looking for opportunities for inviting you and giving them exposure on you social media. You will often receive special offers or free entrances in order to help them expand their popularity.

Now that you know some of the most popular ways to earn money with TikTok, be sure to check out goviral.pro to help increase your popularity!