Since TikTok has merged together with in mid 2018, it has gained massive popularity worldwide. Millions of users from all over the world use this app on a daily basis. Via the app users create video montages that they then post on their TikTok accounts, and these videos tend to be no longer than 15 seconds. Many social media stars that are now huge on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube started their social media careers on platforms such as and TikTok, which are now one app.

Before any of them got famous, they first had the goal to get “featured” on these apps. Now you must be wondering, how does one actually get featured on such apps? Is there perhaps some sort of specific guideline you should follow? The answer is yes! We have analyzed the content of the biggest TikTokers out there and they all do specific things in their videos that may be big aspects that lead to their videos going viral!

Use Props and Special Effects

Props and special effects seem to be a major factor when it comes to videos going viral. It makes sense that audiences want to watch creative and unique videos, and that would explain for the demand of having props and special effects in videos for them to go viral.

Trending Challenges

On the TikTok app you will constantly find all sorts of new different trending challenges that users on the app take part in. The best and most creative users get their videos trending and in most cases become famous overnight! Make sure you create videos with these challenges as soon as you hear about them.

Remember That TikTok Is A Social Media Platform And Using Hashtags Is Important

When using TikTok, remember the importance of using hashtags and promoting your new posts. Do some basic research on the most trending hashtags, and make sure you include them under your post.

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