Ever since people have been submerging more and more into the digital side of the world we know today, there has been a lot of conversation about how the digital world impacts the mental health of us, humans. Scientists have been studying the impact of phones, tablets and everything else that helps us submerge more and more into the digital world, but there is a small group of people who can point out how the digital world is impacting their mental health without the help of scientists. That group is known in today's world as social media influencers. 

Social media influencers are internet celebrities that post content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. These creators work around the clock to provide their audiences with unique and entertaining content each time they post a video. That is exactly what makes them stand out amongst the other millions of users that are trying to make it big by becoming a social media star. 

One of the biggest social media platforms where creators are really experiencing a serious breaking point in their mental health while trying to create content are the creators that post frequently on the TikTok app. TikTok, which was merged with Musical.ly at the end of 2018, is an app that has taken the modern teenage audience by storm. Top creators on this app have frequently been mentioning lately that the constant drive to create interesting and unique content on the app is having serious effects on them and their mental health. These creators explain such an exhausting lifestyle on the app because of Tik Tok algorithms, that supposedly boost your videos and account the more you post. Social media stars that first got famous on Tiktok are motivating their fame-seeking audiences to seek more “stable” platforms that aren't so algorithm dependent. 

Besides influencers not being happy with the growth aspects on TikTok and the lifestyle one must have to be able to grow his audience and further upload his or her videos, they are also not happy about brand partnerships that they are sometimes offered. More and more big influencers think twice before agreeing to work with a certain brand, and in most cases, launch their own products. Lately, more and more influencers have been complaining about how the life of a social media star impacts the mental health of a human being, which really got teenagers and young adults thinking about what they want to do with their lives. Becoming a social media star is a dream of many teenagers, and such news must be disturbing for them and their parents.

If you have decided to set your life path down the road of becoming a social media influencer, it is important that you also understand the impact that it may have on you, your mental health and the people surrounding you.