Ever after since Vine has shut down, people have been looking for a replacement. When TikTok came along, it instantly gained millions of everyday users. With such a large user base, the competition for popularity is immense, and only the best of the best get to become popular. However, almost every user is able to gain a crown on TikTok. A crown signifies that your TikTok account is verified, and you produce original content. Although many people create original content on their TikTok, many of them do not know how to get a crown. Luckily for you, we will be telling you the different things you need to do in order to get your crown on TikTok

  1. Work hard to create quality content

People are attracted to watch high quality content. We are not only talking about original content, but also higher quality of videos. It is important to ensure the camera does not shake, and the lighting allows viewers to see everything clearly. Videos filmed in higher quality attract more viewers, since they are more pleasing to the eye.

  1. Follow Others

If you follow other large creators, you have a chance of their followers to become yours! A great way to do that is to make collaborations with other large TikTok accounts.

  1. Use better Equipment

Spend your time and money to get better equipment to help you film your TikTok videos. Getting tripod will help your videos become stable, getting a mic will help film with better sound, and getting a lamp will help improve the lighting quality!

  1. Find the most fitting Song

TikTok videos are mainly made up of 3 important factors. Video quality, content, and the music in the background. If you will be able to find a song that perfectly fits your video, it will definitely create a better video!

  1. Never give up!

With the competition being as high as ever, it may be difficult at first to gain followers and earn your crown. However, you should remember that hard work pays off!