TikTok, an app released in September of 2016, has recently gained immense popularity worldwide. The app has merged together with musical.ly, and won over all of their users. Although this app has become one of the favorites for many people, some concerns have risen nonetheless. Many parents and users are concerned that TikTok requires money to operate. However, in this article you will learn that TikTok is free, and completely safe for users of all ages to use! Hopefully all concerns will be resolved for everyone who is worried about TikTok.

How it Works

TikTok is an application, which allows users to create videos for the world to see. The videos are approximately 15 seconds long, and users are able to swipe or scroll between videos for ease of viewing. Other people who view videos are able to leave a like, which are shown as hearts, or become a fan of the user who uploaded the video. Anyone is able to join TikTok, and gradually they will be able to grow their fan base! What separates TikTok from other similar applications, are some of its features. People are able to edit their video in the application right away, which grants ease of accessibility. Another feature, that helps unite the community, are collaborations. Collaborations allow users to add another user’s video to the right of theirs, and help them interact between the two videos. People have been creating long chains of them working together to create an interesting and entertaining video for others to watch.

Where can I download it?

You can download TikTok on any phone that has a camera on it. Whether it be from the GooglePlay Store, or from the Appstore. The application is available in all countries. TikTok is a free app that can be downloaded by anyone. It does not require any prepayments or post payments making TikTok free to download.

Is it Totally Free?

Is TikTok free? Yes! TikTok is 100% free for all users to use. All you have to do is look it up on GooglePlay or the Appstore and download it! TikTok does not require any payments within the app itself. TikTok gives its full features to any user who simply downloads the app, whether it be for Android or for iOS.

For anyone who still may be having concerns about the app, you can always download it for yourself! If you do not like the app, you can always delete it afterwards. You can download the app from GooglePlay, or from the Appstore. However, we must warn you. The app is extremely addictive and will cause you to have hours and hours of fun!