How can I place an order?

Placing an order is easy! - All you have to do is first select your desired package. Once it's selected you'll enter your username, proceed to payment through PayPal and wait for delivery! It's as simple as that. We'll email you updates of your order as it is being processed, so rest assure.

I cannot find my username?

If you have trouble finding your username, please first ensure that your account is set to "Public" and not private. If it fails to find your username again please try a few more times then contact us if you fail to find your profile.

What if I get scammed?

There is absolutely no chance of you getting scammed when working with us. We use the number 1 payment gateway PayPal since it ensures that both yourselves and I are protected. We do not store any of your personal payment details and offer a full money-back guarantee in the event of any problem arising.

We want you to be completely happy and relaxed when dealing with us so if you have any problems, contact our super fast support team.

Can I get featured?

Yes you REALLY can. Using our services not only helps your account grow in fans/following and exposure but you are 60% more likely to get featured if you use our services on a regular basis. Of course we cannot guarantee as its not only based on fans and likes but also quality content.

We simply help people come and see the great content that you have made. We have helped a few thousand people get featured, why don't you aim to be the next one?

Do you accept any other payment methods?

Currently we only use PayPal since it is the most used payment gateway in the world. It's very easy to use and you can even checkout as a guest. Soon we will use mobile money payment since many of you keep asking for it. Watch this space!